Chain, embroidered with raffia

Chain, embroidered with raffia

Chain, embroidered with raffia

Metal placket with embossed print and soft touch coating

Printed and engraved metal placket

Plexiglass plate with embossed print  

Embossed printed metal placket

Metal label – painted with brown and laser engraved

Metal placket, painted metallic letters

Metal accessory with embossed logo

Nichel metal placket

Metal placket with logo embossed up

Metal placket

Gold metal plackets

Metal placket with logo engraved

Printed metal placket

Metal placket

Metal placket with lateral holes

Metal placket with hole

Embossed printed metal placket

Shaped metal placket

Belt, embroidered by hand with metall yarn 

Zipper puller made with recycled leather – eco friendly

Pin patch, embroided with metal yarn

Eco friendly zipper puller

Genuine leather patch - digital relief printing

PVC zipper puller with 2 level embossement

Zipper pull made

Zipper pull made in real leather

Laser engraved button hole accessory in real leather

Jacquard woven zipper pull

Eyewear case in synthetic leather

Jecron pin, laser cut + design made with laser

Wood accessory with serigraphic print

Mother of pearl plate

PVC tirazip with embossed logo

Personalized badge-holder

Woven meter supplied in a small organdie bag

Plastic seal with removable paper

Plastic seal

Metal seal

Cork key-holder

Puffed key - holder

Puffed key - holder

Printed zip pull

Metallic zip pull

Micro-injection zip pull

Puffed zip pull

PVC accessories bag

Plexiglass gadget

Woven label with button hole

Accessory bag for metal stick shirt

Embroidered fabric accessory bag